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There are different types of DNA and paternity testing that you can do, but the two main categories are: legal paternity tests and home paternity DNA tests. You can also do a non invasive paternity testing prenatal where you simply use the mother’s blood to do the test, instead of the invasive alternatives of Amniocentesis (also known as amnio) or Chorionic Villi Sampling (also known as CVS).

Whether you are looking to do non invasive paternity testing UK, or private paternity testing Atlanta GA or private paternity testing Richmond VA, the first thing you have to decide is whether the secret paternity testing is meant for some kind of legal purposes.

Some examples of reasons one needs to do a Secret DNA testing to prove paternity is for a court order, adoption, a birth certificate, immigration, to get child support, or for child custody. Legal paternity testing is considerably more money to do, and you have to go to a certified DNA facility. Some examples of these kinds of facilities are hospitals, health departments, and medical offices, and there is always a local facility that you can use.

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However, if legal DNA and paternity testing is not what you need and you simply want to check for yourself with cheap non invasive paternity testing, then you have the choice of home paternity DNA tests, which you can do in the comfort of your own home. The reason why a home DNA test can not be used for legal purposes is because the identities of the parties whose DNA samples have been collected can not be verified since it is not done in a facility where they check who you are before taking a DNA sample.

There are many different options when you are doing a secret home paternity test. You can test more than one father, more than one child, and the mother can have a sample taken from her, or if she chooses not to or can not, the DNA testing can still occur, and the test is called a motherless test.

How much is a paternity test, you may be wondering? First, you must determine whether you need to do a legal paternity test or a secret home paternity test. Legal paternity tests are nearly double the price of at home paternity testing. However, if you need to test more than one father or more than one child, then the prices obviously change for both kinds of tests.

Regardless of which test you decide to do, private paternity testing and is both a safe, easy, and convenient thing to do if you need to do it. Follow the links on this page to find out where to do legal paternity tests or to find the home paternity DNA tests that are right for you!

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